Good day people. It has been a while though. I have reached Melbourne. A totally

new country for me. New weather, new people, new shops and everything new. Hehe.

I've written some songs, too. With a new surroundings like this, I should really

make full use of it.

People here walk a lot. Being here, I walk a lot everyday, too. I have been walking

and walking and walking. The distance between the streets here are somehow, very

short. Therefore, leg-muscles have been stretched a lot. Haha. Alright, times running

short here. I gotta go. Blog later.

Gotta explore Melbourne just a little bit more.

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  • 超级无敌口爱滴圆圆
  • 拜托~~林先生,这里是台湾无名小站,请用中文写部落阁好不好?!汗<br />
  • 樱桃^_^
  • 林先生,这里是台湾无名小站啦~如果要学好华语闯台湾,以后就请用华<br />
  • 哈哈<br />
    eric在澳洲咯<br />
    一定很好玩咯^^<br />
    回來要帶禮物喲。。。<br />
    哈哈<br />
  • 一同
  • 辉少,<br />
    有没有买手信给我们啊~~??<br />
    这次去到酱远..<br />
    一定要买手信给我们啊~~<br />
    不然...呵呵呵呵~~<br />
  • aisim
  • eric, 看來你很享受噢﹗<br />
    記得寫多點歌呀﹗<br />
  • singyee
  • 哈哈<br />
    原来你去了澳洲旅行。。<br />
    记得要拍多些照片回来给我们看噢!!!<br />
    也期待你的新作品。。<br />
  • 悄悄話