Alright, I'll have to blog in English today.

The past few days have been pretty bad to me.

I've had a bad week and a bad Friday. Maybe I

should consider myself lucky instead. Nah, don't

wanna talk about it here. But I wanna apologize

for what happened to my previous blog. I didn't

expect that to happened. I'm happy to know some

of you who stood up for me and also happy to know

that some of you out there who actually are here

to comment about my bad. Either ways, I take all

comments whole-heartedly, be it good or bad. Nobody's


Sorry for the misunderstandings. We are all friends

from that blog onwards, alright? Let's forget about it.

Peace :)

Yeah.. I haven't been blogging for a good whole week,

I noticed. So I'm doing it today. Just a little different,

blogging in English. I bought a laptop a week ago. Mainly

for music making purpose. It's very expensive and I wanna

make the best out of it. But something happened 2 days ago

that made me.. not me. Haha. I accidentally knocked the side

of my laptop at the table, while trying to protect it from

dropping down the ground. Maybe I should just let it drop.

Might not have a dented side. I'll have to live with it now.


See the dent! SHIT..

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  • sooyin
  • oh no... the dent is bad...<br />
    is it an apple lappie??<br />
    must cost u a lot...<br />
    <br />
    oh.. yeah... we are all friends from that previous entry..<br />
    yay.. i'm a peacemaker!!!!<br />
    haha.. lame...<br />
    <br />
    cheers to the peace!!<br />
    <br />
    p/s: all the best in your music making!! you'll do your best.. we all know...<br />
    ah.. good... finally i can read your entry easily.. chinese kills me.. muahaha..
  • bAbY cHiEn
  • wahh....yin, very fast oredi leave msg wor....hahaha.....u muz<br />
    learn chinese...i guess eric punya chinese more good then u..=p<br />
    <br />
    eric....akk da best in ur music making.....we r waiting for ur<br />
    new album ya....waiting to c u again...super long time din c u<br />
    liao....=(<br />
    <br />
    nah, remember.....WE sure alwaz support u no matter<br />
    how...ahhaha..right yin???
  • pit
  • wahh. u both super fast lor. din wait for me.<br />
    <br />
    limeric ar, ur laptop nice wor. the dented side ma use those sek fui paste <br />
    back lor. u wan i buy for u not?? muahahaha.<br />
    <br />
    eh, its better to have a dented side than u lost a laptop wor. if u just let it frop <br />
    hor, not worth wor.
  • sooyin
  • yeap... u read my mind jen...<br />
    we'll give our 100% becoz i'm sure eric does that too...<br />
    haha... at least i'm sure i'll give my 100% la...<br />
    <br />
    errr.... k la k la.. i promise i'll learn my chinese...<br />
    but then at least i can make my way through every of eric's entry ma...<br />
    counted ok liao lo... but still have to learn very hard...
  • sooyin
  • but pit... it's still under warranty card ler..<br />
    can repair... dented cannot repair la..<br />
    unless like u say.. sek fui paste it back..<br />
    <br />
    or i'll use plasticine to paste it back.....<br />
    hahaha.. just kidding..
  • karling82
  • 嗯。。。都是英文,<br />
    我英文不好!!<br />
    所以只好写中文!!<br />
    嗯。。。我只能说加油喽!!<br />
    <br />
    要爱音乐哦!!<br />
    take care n god bless(我只会这两句。。。哈哈!!-_-")
  • stopding
  • oh man~<br />
    why so 不小心?<br />
    be careful to use that, that is MAC right?<br />
    aiya~~~<br />
    but i think u r lucky, if not, drop down the ground, haha!<br />
    i think u will cry for it....<br />
    <br />
    don worry bout us, we have a peacemaker, that is sooyin...<br />
    we r fren now...<br />
    <br />
    OK! waiting for ur new album...<br />
    we always support u!
  • sooyin
  • ok.. i'm not suppose to say this..<br />
    but i'll still say it..<br />
    <br />
    i was in my photographer's car today.. going out for my assignment<br />
    then he tune in<br />
    and there's this song by linkin park.. alrite.. i was laughing my head off..<br />
    i know i'm bad.. but i suddenly remembered the quarrels in previous entry and <br />
    i actually find it so so funny...<br />
    we were so childish aren't we??<br />
    <br />
  • 小贤
  • Careless boy,u may care of it as it will help u 2 make THE BEST of <br />
    ur music o..<br />
    <br />
    Gambatte ne..
  • singyee
  • 健辉加油...<br />
  • heavyn91
  • oh my god..the dent is so serious..<br />
    心痛吧?<br />
    anyway..<br />
    wish u all the best~!!
  • cathychia25
  • dont be so sad d lah.<br />
    be happy lah,<br />
    althougt i noe tat is very hurt.<br />
    but nevermind lah.
  • oh no..<br />
    ur heart sure very hurt.. ^^ <br />
    the laptop so expensive.. n u accidentally drop it..<br />
    <br />
    hahaha..<br />
    next time b more careful abt ur stuff....^^
  • Wkee
  • Be careful next time. Thank God,that dent was not in <br />
    your head...just kidding...
  • carrie9
  • laptop...but why so careless??Izzit still well-function?<br />
    It’s sad to hear that your “Apple” is hurt..Maybe u need to take her to the <br />
    doctor, they’ll fix her and she’ll back to normal..Don’t feel so guilty, you didn’t <br />
    know this will happen..
  • Josselynn
  • hi..hi..<br />
    where r u huh eric...<br />
    didn't come and update ur blog..<br />
    i'm sure u r very busy .... composing??<br />
    <br />
    great!!!!<br />
    gambateh lo....<br />
    waiting for ur new song.....
  • Apri1
  • That's not so bad. I was in a car accident once and the entire<br />
    front of my car fell off. I drove around with a wooden board on<br />
    the front of my car for a long time ... so embarrassing! Haha.<br />
    But anywhoots it's good that it's only a dent, right? =)
  • kooletenhoi
  • OK! waiting for ur new album...<br />
    we always support u!