I've had a blast for the past one week. 做了988好友引火会的guest DJ

together with Mike & May. It was awesome! But the most fun and

memorable of all is being able to talk to my fans over the wave.

Thank you so much for making the efforts calling in. I really

appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.








够知道我在你门的心里面有多重要。那才可以一起加油,一起work-out to our goals

and targets in our life. Don't ever feel hesitate to do the things

you like because you won't regret failing it, you will regret not

trying it out.

I wish all of you the best of lucks and healthy always. I will

too, take care of myself oversea and will update my blog and

reply messages in www.eric2u.net

That's the only way to keep in touch with all of you yeah? So,

take good care of yourself and I'll be looking forward to seeing

you guys sometime soon! :)


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  • sooyin
  • as you've said..<br />
    yeah.. you've thank us more than you should.. haha<br />
    so.. now.. let us thank you from the bottom of our heart too..<br />
    thanks for letting us see your appreciation towards us..<br />
    and thanks too for sharing with us about what you feel..<br />
    anywayz.. don't stress yourself out ok..<br />
    just do your best so you don't regret.. <br />
    it's the process that counts.. not the achievement..<br />
    learn well and play hard.. <br />
    and hey.. we've got through at the very last minute.. haha<br />
    at least both our efforts is not in the waste..<br />
    bring the laughter with you ok..<br />
    i bet you can find new batteries in China.. hehe..<br />
    so.. don't hesitate to use it...<br />
    see you soon!!
  • joshua88
  • 昨 天 听 你 在 988 说 了 一 段 心 里 话..<br />
    很 感 动...<br />
    我 们 会 等 你 回 来,回 来 跟 我 们 分 享 你 的 成 功..<br />
    加 油..<br />
    还 有,很 高 兴 元 宵 节 可 以 看 到 你 ..及 近 距 离 拍 照..<br />
    尤 其 是 在 停 车 场 那 边..
  • Josselynn
  • wow!<br />
    tat's was great~~ ^^
  • bAbY cHiEn
  • yeah...totally agree wif wat yin said...u thanx us more than u<br />
    should...<br />
    <br />
    promise us tat u wil take a very good care when u r in china n<br />
    alwaz update us wif ur life in china k...of course da picx is da<br />
    MUST....<br />
    <br />
    da promise we do to u is...WE WILL WAITING U TO BE BACK......<br />
    <br />
    will meet u in ur upcoming event...<br />
    <br />
    gambateh in ur career n we will alwaz support u no matter wat.....<br />
    <br />
    **ur updated picx r in my multiply...:)
  • chunyiun
  • Hey!...Been following 988 the past whole week as u <br />
    were the guest DJ...U are ever so cute and <br />
    funny..hehe...<br />
    <br />
    Have a great time in China...take very good care of <br />
    yourself...will be missing u loads here...N see u very <br />
    very soon!!..
  • heavyn91
  • 还是那一句<br />
    加油!!<br />
  • 大医院小护士小贤
  • 上个星期的好友营火会,多了你的笑声,让整个节目节目更加的精彩。<br />
    之前没太注意你的消息,听了你上节目后,被你可爱的对话和笑声吸引了。<br />
    U r so CUTE!<br />
    Hope u can learn a lot during the time in China, includes ur Mandarin.<br />
    (Dun get angry that I mentioned this)<br />
    <br />
    Gambatte kudasai! (加油了!)
  • Eve_Lynn
  • Baby_Chien: we going zouk sama sama rite? Sama sama kena tangkap<br />
    ya? Kakakaka!<br />
    <br />
    Eric, I laughed non stop when the 'chien yee' was May. Haha! And<br />
    I heard the touching words you said yesterday. I can feel that<br />
    it's really what you said from your heart. I'm very touched. I<br />
    nearly cried. Will miss you always when you're abroad. We'll be<br />
    meeting soon :D Very soon :D & very often :D
  • cathychia25
  • i will wait 4 u until u come back!!<br />
    all the best in china oh!!<br />
    dont ever sick oh,<br />
    if not,<br />
    we will very sad 1.<br />
    and remember always write ur blog,<br />
    then we can know how are u there.<br />
    gambateh oh!!<br />
  • singyee
  • 对对对..期待一个全新的健辉出现在我们面前!!<br />
    也许在北京生活会比较辛苦和难熬,你要撑下去哦!!<br />
    马来西亚的我们会一直在你左右,给你鼓励和毅力!!<br />
    健辉加油..可是,你也别给自己太大的压力,尽本分就好了!!<br />
    想我们的时候,就多多在部落格留言和放照片吧..<br />
    我们会好好的照顾自己的,你也一样哟..<br />
    <br />
    <br />
  • karling82
  • 还是那句加油!在外面要好好照顾自己!大家都支持你,不管是成功或失败都要勇敢去面对!<br />
    最后给你多多的勇气去展翅高飞!take care too!
  • pit
  • zhu!!! i heard tat u called in to 988 wor. and its super funny wor. <br />
    muahahahaha. who got record!!! i wanna listen to zhu's singing voice. <br />
    hahahahaha.<br />
    <br />
    yea yea. take care and be right back fast.
  • bAbY cHieN
  • pit....got got got.....sim got record....
  • xian06
  • u're welcome =)<br />
    we'll stay rite bside euU~<br />
    we shall thank u for every thin<br />
    u're willin to share<br />
    n we of caz willin to listen<br />
    <br />
    know u wouldnt b in malaysia for quite some time<br />
    will definately miss euU so much<br />
    promise to take kaiire aite?<br />
    dun stressed yrself okayy?<br />
    <br />
    p/s: nw song wuz reli great ya<br />
    *muakx* lik it<br />
    <br />
    <br />
  • aisim
  • pit, ya, i got record it... very funny la... hahaha....<br />
    <br />
    actually today who won the chance to celebrate with <br />
    eric??? i forgot to listen eh... is it bbpig???
  • stopding
  • 哈咯!好久不见,我回来啦!<br />
    大家还好吗?健辉,你呢?<br />
    哇~ 两个星期不在,就已经发生那么多东西啦!<br />
    才刚刚从文冬出差回来。<br />
    很可惜,因为在文冬山上没办法接收电台,所以错过了eric那么精彩的节目。<br />
    不过刚刚在 MY FM 听了现场直播,也算是补回啦!<br />
    真不好意思,一回来没有来这里报到,因为丢了工作两个星期,很多东西要 <br />
    follow up, 所以要等到现在才来这里留言。<br />
    好啦!不多写啦!我要继续赶工咯!Good Nite everybody, have a sweet <br />
  • Sj
  • Hi...1st time post a comments here. Previously, i know that's a singer<br />
    name 林建辉 but don't who is that, till that day i was accidentally switached <br />
    on 988 in my fren's car and heard the song “情歌2007”, nice voice :)<br />
    After i searched it thru internet and got this blog. <br />
    <br />
    Nice to know u all..Cheer~<br />
    <br />