I believe God created human with a purpose. Everything happens for a reason

and a purpose so I don't see why humans are created without neither. I have

been walking down the street alone for the past 24 hours and all these,

thoughts seems to crawl out from every corner of my mind. Something to ponder

about. Hence, I begin to foresee my future. Sounds complicated, hard? It's

actually very simple. The outcome is either good future, or bad future.

If I were to continue walking this street without any plans and only for

sight-seeing reason, it will lead me to a bad future. But if I plan to stop

on every corner of the street, maybe leave some of my art in every corner,

I might just have a bright and better future. Life is also, like a piece of

white paper. Whether or not one have decided to draw a line on it, or simply

a circle, leads to many unforeseen circumstances.

I have a reason to be in this world. I don't want to live my life with only

a line or a cirle drawn on this white piece of paper. I don't want to only

walk this street for the sake of sight-seeing. What are my reasons to be in

this world? Or I don't even need to have a lot of reasons. Maybe just one.

And the only reason I can think of for now, is to strive for every single

obstacles I may or may not encounter. No one said life is easy. Nothing is


Come to think of it, we're just doing the same things, only different days.

Pardon my thoughts, I just need to spread it out.

Alas, live life to the max, but never feel regret. Who will be the one to

decide what's right or wrong, but yourself? What is right, and wrong?

Everything happens for a reason.
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  • meimei84
  • ya... agree...<br />
    everything happens for a reason...<br />
  • chunyiun
  • Hmm..u sound so emo..No matter wat izzit, you will <br />
    definitely be able to overcome all the obstacles..I have <br />
    faith in you...Jia you!..:)
  • stopding
  • 听起来很不舍得的感觉。<br />
    我了解这样的心情。<br />
    在我要决定要离开家里<br />
    到外面工作,为我的生命中画下美丽的图画,<br />
    那时的感觉很不舍得,但是很想飞起来。<br />
    很难解释啦!因该就是这样。<br />
    无论如何,只要把自己做好,<br />
    在每个角落,都会有人支持你,看到你的成绩。<br />
    最重要是,肯定自己!<br />
    ok, wish u all the best.<br />
  • sooyin
  • deep thoughts...<br />
    hmmm... anywayz...<br />
    things do happen for a reason..<br />
    and human live on for a reason too..<br />
    no matter what reason you have..<br />
    believe in yourself for whatever you do..<br />
    because you have friends around you that give good support..<br />
    and.. it's ok to spread out what's in your mind.. you'll feel better..<br />
  • carrie9
  • you can actually not draw a line or circle<br />
    you can actually coloured it<br />
    Life is wonderful~If you enjoy it <br />
    Future is waiting for you and<br />
    just depand on what colour you want to put in~
  • 大医院小护士
  • Maybe u think u r not in the right track, a lots of doubt inside ur mind.<br />
    Just take a break then think n think.
  • Josselynn
  • yeap..<br />
    life is not easy..<br />
    every second..every minute u might find some difficulty.<br />
    this is what a person has to do.<br />
    jz an easy step ..<br />
    OVERCOME it!!<br />
    <br />
    problems can be solve easily if you hav initiative.<br />
    <br />
    come on!!<br />
    keep it up ur good work.<br />
    jz do watever u can... try ur very best ...
  • Josselynn
  • eric,<br />
    pls don't stress urself up ya.. <br />
    <br />
    take care~
  • Carol at Taipei
  • Dear Eric dada....was just checking some of ur old entries..and<br />
    just now finished reading this one...maybe it's becuz we're of the<br />
    same generation, I can pretty much relate to what you posted<br />
    here....don't feel you were being emotional at the moment you<br />
    were posting it..instead i feel you were being honest to urself:<br />
    you knew wut you wanted and were determined to try hard to<br />
    have your dreams come true...and it's great that you've actually<br />
    been doing it all along!!! :) really like wut you said " we're just <br />
    doing the same things...only different ways."<br />
    haha...yi qi jia you ba!! Go Go Go~