• Apr 28 Sat 2007 21:50
  • KFC.C

Alright, I'm gonna blog in English today. No

particular reason, except that I'll be talking

about China's KFC. Hence the KFC.C short form,

Kentucky Fried Chicken China. Don't get mixed

up with KLCC ya. Haha. Oh I miss KLCC, too!

Decided to try the KFC here today for dinner.

Walked 15 minutes to get it at a shopping complex

next to the place I'm staying at. It feels like

any other KFC's I've been to. Of course, the only

difference is that everything is written in Chinese.

Hence, the worries that occurred then. Haha. But

luckily there are illustrations of what they have.

So, it makes it much easier for me.

I chose this meal which consists of 2 chicken,

a chicken burger and a Pepsi drink. Where did

Mr. Mashed Potato and Ms. Coleslaw went? They

weren't there. I didn't ask. There has to be a

reason why they weren't there. Went out for holiday

maybe. Hehe. I took it back home to eat. When I

reached home, I was literally surprised to see

the size of the chickens! It was extremely small.

To think that Malaysian's KFC chicken size is already

small, I couldn't believe looking at the chickens

before my eyes. Alright, the chicken burger looked

pretty decent enough. At least it's normal. Haha.

Not to mention the drink. It's standard size.

For the first time ever, I had the chickens finished

finger lickin' good! Haha. Not even a single bit of

it were wasted. I cleaned them thoroughly. Haha.

This is how it looked like.. Before and after. Of

course, the chicken from the burger seemed big enough

to eat. I wonder why the rest of the chicken parts

are so small.

Mini chicken in trends? See it for yourself!

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  • cathychia25
  • wah...<br />
    soo siok can eat kfc ya.<br />
    but dint always eat ya.<br />
    i'm so miss u lei.<br />
  • Josselynn
  • yeah!<br />
    im 2nd...<br />
    but, abit too late... =)
  • Josselynn
  • hahahaa..<br />
    the chicken macam tak sedap.. LoL<br />
    <br />
    the burger..uhm...ok..^^
  • felixzai
  • Wah.... i look up got a bit hungry jor la >.<" u so bad de la<br />
    just eat own only also didn't take away for me eat hehehe.....<br />
    ^_^ bambateh in there laaa i also want gambateh laa spm coming<br />
    soon so scared ah......
  • khaiying
  • 哈哈。。。<br />
    中國和臺灣的KFC<br />
    是沒有Mr. Mashed Potato and Ms. Coleslaw<br />
    不過好想會有別的東西代替這兩個<br />
    嗯~~~我忘了是什麽東西了<br />
    下次買的時候問一下吧<br />
  • esther943
  • yo bro,<br />
    i think chickens in China was "starved"..haha<br />
    that's y kfc@c's chicken so small....<br />
    after "kaji" your pic attachment...<br />
    tell u, kfctaiwan also the same...wonder y??<br />
    chicken part very small.....but... damn delicious!!<br />
    i bet ur last nite's meal should be "sedap" also lar<br />
    not like in msia, "got the typical kfc's smell"<br />
    u know wat i meant,right??<br />
    my fren "pantang" fastfood also gave her thumbs up 4 kfctaiwan !<br />
    haha.. did you try McD ??<br />
    U should!! Unfortunately, McDbeijing serve no pork!<br />
    waste..waste...waste... cos i've asked b4!<br />
    then the waiter gave me his weird look... haha<br />
    then only i discovered a lots of muslims in beijing!<br />
    normally, i tried out McD anywhere....<br />
    i like hk cos got "pork" burger..haha<br />
    <br />
    nah...see... if you didn't go to beijing u won't know!!<br />
    haha... blessing in disguise!!<br />
    This is wat we called "culture-shocked"..haha<br />
    "learn to unlearn".....<br />
    <br />
    God bless,ya!!<br />
    <br />
    cheers<br />
    <br />
    <br />
  • 悄悄話
  • Michelle
  • haha, it really very small...<br />
    mb China chicken not enough vitamin?? huh~~just kidding ya @_@ ...<br />
    when I bk 2 PJ i must ask my landlord y China KFC so small 1... <br />
    when I get the answer, I\\\'ll tell u...haha...<br />
    All the best & good luck & Gambateh (\\\",)
  • sooyin
  • hohohoho... that means in malaysia there's no finger lickin' good KFC la..<br />
    hahaha.. gotcha!<br />
    aiyo.. eat so much no good la...<br />
    anggap as keep fit la..
  • karling82
  • 耶…我也爱kfc…但我不吃汉堡,我只吃辣炸鸡和马铃薯泥加面包!哈哈哈…想到就流口水了……><
  • 悄悄話
  • Rachel
  • Ahaha, maybe what you ordered is the "wicked wings". we have<br />
    those in Aust's KFC. You see the wings also only one part<br />
    instead of the normal 3 parts.. They are the usual wings we get<br />
    from the take-away shops. So small and easy to eat, and fast.<br />
  • heavyn91
  • OMG..the chickens there are so small?!?!?!?!?!?!<br />
    that's enough for u to eat?<br />
    i think it's too little..<br />
    maybe they use chicks instead of "adult" chickens..haha
  • xian
  • hahaha<br />
    comment bout klcc<br />
    how cute larh =)
  • pit
  • hahaha. the chicken seriously small till kasihan lerh.<br />
    <br />
    guess they din get enough nutrition when they brought up. hahahaha.<br />
    <br />
    den next time u know dee lor, must buy two set for urself.<br />
    <br />
    and don eat too much fast food lerh, later u become like the<br />
    chicken so small. hahahaha.
  • bAbY cHiEn
  • i juz realize my msg is HILANG...@@<br />
    <br />
    i ady wat i type for u last time.....hahaha...<br />
    <br />
    neway...i guess u r missing malaysia food...lolz<br />
    <br />
    dun eat too mch fast food ar..=p
  • soohui
  • the fat in the chicken jz slipped into the person who ate the chicken..so the <br />
    chicken is so skinny nowadays..all the fat goes to human,...
  • ...
  • Grande sito!!
  • eunicetoh
  • hi. the chicken pieces equal to 1 chicken wing in m'sia.<br />
    i love m'sia. wakaka.<br />
    gd luck to u. miss you.