out of the sudden,

everything came out of no where..

the nick, the sayings,

the memories..

i once read that,

guys are like stars,

so many and yet only one,

can make your dreams come true..

quoted from


i've also heard that,

people learn from mistakes,

and they don't repeat them..

you once had the chance,

to be the sparks of faith,

you blew the candles instead,

and let her down with pain..

how often do you realize,

how often do you admit,

well, men says they're wise,

but all i see are egos and lies,

take the time to review the past,

take the time to exchange for what's best,

for all the things you have done wrong,

don't hide, don't run.. but confess..

random thoughts that often lingers

in my mind are expressed in words..

nothing more, just words..



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