once upon a time, a boy fell in love with a girl and he felt that one day 
they will get together and be really happy, forever after and although
sometimes the girl felt a little restless towards him, the boy would still do
his best to make her happy.

as time goes by, this restless feeling from the girl became more obvious at
times and the boy didn't know what to do but he would still do his best to
give her all she wants, if he can.

just when things became better than before, just when things between 
the boy and the girl seems all good, at least that's what the boy thought.
the girl's restless feeling came back and somewhat, exploded.

the boy felt really confused and hurt with many mixed feelings coming in all
together at the same time. the boy did his very best to save their relationship
but he only got two words in return..

im sorry.  


if only, everything in life can be undone with this.


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