竟然在我怎麼喜歡唱歌的情況下 會有這種感覺。
我想 如果真的有那麼一天的話。我應該會很感謝。
只是我怎麼還是會覺得 那麼一天 好像離我越來越

for the first time in my life, i have the urge
to let go of what i've dreamed of. i guess
everything happens for a reason. be it good
or bad there has to be at least one reason
why i'm  feeling like this. repetitive mistakes
that causes people to lose hope and creates
anger and confusion.

i wonder why are these shits happening to me.
i hope it's for the best because i cannot afford
to lose this time.

保佑我   讓我事事順利
保佑我   讓我堅強面對
保佑我   讓我相信自己
保佑我   讓我不再後悔

加油吧 林健輝 祝你好運


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